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When you’re hit with an unfair or untrue criminal charge in Florida it’s important to take note of both what has happened historically and what rights that you have. For example, anyone accused of a criminal act has the right to an attorney, and the attorney that you should choose is Gennadi Sedikov, Esq. A longtime veteran of Florida law and green activist, Mr. Sedikov has practiced for nearly two decades in this state, so there’s no doubt he can help anyone who is currently facing a criminal charge.

Many people might take one look at Mr. Sedikov and think that he only serves high-profile clientele, but they could not be more wrong. Mr. Sedikov strives to offer his services to people from all walks of life, whether they are a retail worker or the CEO of a multinational corporation. It’s not uncommon for Mr. Sedikov to come across cases that he feels a personal and passionate interest in, and contacting his offices is one of the few ways you can ensure that you are protected after being hit with a criminal charge.

Normally, the process of hiring a criminal defense attorney is nothing short of a pain, and having a public defender assigned to your case can be an even worse fate. But when you hire Bukh Law Firm to help you with your criminal charges, you know that your path forward will be smooth and easy due to the vast array of experience Mr. Sedikov can boast. While other lawyers are often out to get the most money possible from their clients, Mr. Sedikov is more interested in seeing justice served than in dollar signs.

For example, his work with DUI charges has been nothing short of extraordinary. People should not be held liable for their entire lives for a one-time mistake, and Mr. Sedikov has defended numerous DUI/DWI clients and helped them to find a positive resolution to their particular legal dilemma. If you’re in need of services to defend you from unfair or untrue criminal accusations, be sure to get in touch with the offices of Gennadi Sedikov, Esq. today to schedule an appointment to speak with this talented Florida criminal defense attorney and take life back into your own hands.

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