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Seminole, FL, USA

About CommonWorks Development Co.

We imagine a world where all neighborhoods in a city are of a certain minimum quality. They would all be architecturally and urbanistically unique and culturally and economically vibrant. Decisions as to which neighborhood to live in are made entirely by lifestyle choice and proximity factors such as family, jobs and schools. Within each neighborhood, there is at least one intentional community that serves as a social condenser, as well as public infrastructure including a park or piazza, a civil center, and community gardens.

Our goal is to integrate residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial spaces into ecologically sustainable environments that promote the social and physical well-being of their inhabitants. We then consult with community members, teaching them the skills necessary to living in intimate, integrated eco-systems. CommonWorks also promotes the creation and occupation of semi-private and semi-public space. Suburban sprawl wastes so much space and resources while excluding too many of our fellow citizens We seek to capitalize on the under-used liminal zones and interstitial spaces and make them into commons that can serve everyone.

Organization at a community level is the principal driver of our success. Almost every owner, employee and client of the company is dedicated to living in community and promoting the values of cooperation.

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CommonWorks Development Co.

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