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1620 Long Bow Lane, Largo, FL 33764

About Ethos RX

ETHOS RX exists to connect purpose, people and process so that together we can realize meaningful and profitable collaboration where we work for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Work. With. People. We all do it. Some do it well. We can do better.

Since business occurs between people, it has a relationship component. It’s inside this relationship that we create new opportunity.

Opportunity for what you ask?

Let’s look at The Gallup Organization track of employee engagement. On August 6th 2017, they found that only about 1/3 of U.S. employees are engaged at work. There is an opportunity in the remaining 2/3rds of the companys’​ staff who are not “rowing the boat” so to speak. If you want to increase the output in your company, increase their input.

Have you thought, or even shouted, anything similar to the phrases below?

– “Why can’t we get any good salespeople?”​
– “Why am I the only one offering any ideas to fix this?”​
– “Is anyone in this place actually getting any work done?”​
– “Why it always a war between management and labor around here?”​
– “Why are millennials so difficult to get work out of?”​
– “Does anyone know how to take care of a customer anymore?”​

If you have then we should talk. Contact me soon and I bet we’ll both be able to determine why there’s a reason to continue the conversation.

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