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About Green Actioneers

The Green Actioneers program, workbook and website were designed with the help of over 60 UCF interns.
The Program – We spend a day in the elementary, K-8 or middle school helping everyone “go green.” We schedule our schools by contacting PTA and Principals.

1. We start with a teachers meeting early in the morning to tell the teachers about the day and to give each one a “Green Actioneers Workbook” to show their students.
2. Our Presenter stays all day and takes the students one grade level at a time in the gym or cafeteria where they use music, movement and colorful slides to learn about one local “critter” and its ecological niche.
3. We hold an all-school assembly at the end of the school day so every grade can find out what animal the others studied and to promote Family Night
4. Family Night is usually from 7-8PM and very well attended. Every family gets to go over a Green Actioneers Workbook and find out what they can do to “go green” and to help the local critters and their habitat. Most families leave with a Workbook and a commitment to “go green.”
5. We follow up with an organization, modeled on scouting, that rewards families for taking “green actions.”

Schools can bring in Dave Finnigan to deliver the program (Most expensive), they can bring in someone local who Dave has trained (less expensive), or they can start the program themselves after coaching on Zoom from Dave. This program has been on hiatus but will start up again once we can hold Family Night in schools.

The Green Actioneers Workbook – Outlines over 100 Actions families can take to “go green”. Think of it as “Drawdown™ for Families.” Includes a coloring book feature for youngest kids, relevant word games for older kids and the parents’ page is in English and Spanish. Cost is $20. Schools and other institutions can buy at wholesale and use the book for a fundraiser.

The Green Actioneers Website – Think of this as “The Wikipedia™ of Green Action for families.”

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Green Actioneers
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