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About The EXECUpreneur's E.D.G.E.

Hello!  I’m Samantha “Dr. Sam” Graber and I am thrilled to be part of the Florida For Good community.
I mentor purpose-driven EXECUpreneurs (corporate executives & entrepreneurs) in designing a holistic lifestyle true to their core being…body, mind & spirit. We do this by crafting their E.D.G.E.; tapping into boundless Energy, uncovering their inner Drive and cultivating the Grit of the Evolved EXECUpreneur they so deeply desire to be.
In addition to mentoring EXECUpreneurs, I provide wrap-around wellness strategies for their teams.  My proven E.D.G.E. strategy guides one on a journey to core-level wellbeing…body, mind & spirit.  My holistic approach simplifies the pursuit of core-level wellbeing through the integration of real food, restorative motion and mindfulness to anchor a solid foundation upon which a life one loves to live is designed.  This is possible, and I guide clients through each and every step.
As a startup in the consulting space, with a 25 year chiropractic career under my belt, I have been searching to find the means through which I can make the deepest impact on the world. Working with those who align with the core principles of Conscious Capitalism is where I am called to plant my flag.

I whole-heartedly believe when leaders are in the pursuit of holistic congruence, body, mind & spirit, those they lead are in turn more whole themselves. Through my work, which is ever-evolving, I am melding my passion for humanity, my love of (almost) all things holistic health and my belief that collaborative business can be a force for good.

Let’s explore synergies!  Connecting on LinkedIN (link above) is a great place to start.  If email is your preference, please reach out to hello@drsamgraber.comand I’ll reply ASAP.  Be well.

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